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Talent Mapping & Succession Planning Projects

A Talent Mapping Project is an excellent way to identify the best talent in the market on an on-going basis, in order to plan effectively for future vacancies within your organisation. This will ensure that you always have a pipeline of candidates ready to fill critical roles within your organisation, as soon as the need arises.

A Talent Mapping Project is also an excellent way of identifying the best talent in your sector, and then potentially creating roles for particularly outstanding individuals.

Stage 1

We will discuss those areas where you frequently require, or may at some stage require fresh talent, and will then enter into speculative discussions with relevant individuals from your target markets/companies.

Stage 2

We will provide you with a monthly report on all relevant individuals that we have identified, including a brief biography on each of these individuals. This will include a synopsis of their current situation (including remuneration details), and what they seek from their next role.

Stage 3

We will formally introduce these pre-identified candidates to you, as and when you need to hire.